View Full Version : Bug tracker + wishlist + Q&A site for skobbler?

03.03.2011, 08:04
Other then this forum, is there a more formal site where we can submit the bug and wishlist items for the navigation app? Assuming the answer is no, may I suggest the skobbler team looks into one of the free or low-cost frameworks such as http://getsatisfaction.com/

Here's a sample product site that I use: http://getsatisfaction.com/gowalla

It's a very intuitive and effective way to submit

- questions
- ideas
- bugs

There is a free trial.

I think there are free sites and open source apps that allow to do the same. They are probably not as nice, though.

Thank you for considering!

03.03.2011, 12:56
Thanks for the great suggestion. I'll pass the info on to our Developers / the Web Team.

Best regards,