View Full Version : Incorrect voice prompt "Now take the exit left" when going straight.

03.03.2011, 07:57
See bug report http://www.mapdust.com/detail/157381

The route was correctly plotted, but the app suggested I "take the exit left" when in reality I had to stay straight.

03.03.2011, 13:00
This relates to our routing provider CloudMade on which we depend at the moment. However, we intend to change that by developing our own routing technology so that bugs like this can be avoided in future. The guys will check on it anyway.

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02.03.2015, 06:39
Allow user to cancel out of bug creation screen. Many bugs dropped in my area say something to the effect of "this is not a bug, but I could not exit the screen without leaving a comment". On the other hand, if the app is written in a way that it creates a bug as soon as the bug button is pressed and category is selected, and the comment is only in addition to the bug automatic report, this would explain this behavior. Still, it would be nice to better guide the user through the dialogs to eliminate confusion and the resulting meaningless bugs that the maintainer has to work through.