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02.03.2011, 21:36
Thanks for developing skobbler iPhone app and MapDust bug tracking system. They are very helpful to me as an OSM editor and maintainer of my area. After a few days of use, here is my wish list and some qiestions.

Questions about skobbler app:

1. Is there an iPad app?

2. Is the iPhone app supposed to speak street names (in the US)? It does not do that.

Wishlist for the app:

1. Allow user to cancel out of bug creation screen. Many bugs dropped in my area say something to the effect of "this is not a bug, but I could not exit the screen without leaving a comment". On the other hand, if the app is written in a way that it creates a bug as soon as the bug button is pressed and category is selected, and the comment is only in addition to the bug automatic report, this would explain this behavior. Still, it would be nice to better guide the user through the dialogs to eliminate confusion and the resulting meaningless bugs that the maintainer has to work through.

2. If there is a divided street, where each direction is draw as a one-way way, and the app wants the driver to make a U turn, it says "Make a left and then an immediate left", instead of "make a U turn". This is because there is technically a small cross street drawn on the map in between the two directions of the same street. The app should be smart enough to know that this constitutes a U turn. Maybe it can tell because the street name is the same on both sides, or because the cross street is so short.

3. The app does not warn about toll roads and toll booths in the route. That would be nice.

4. I processed a bug yesterday where the driver was directed to enter a freeway via a "carpool only" on-ramp. "Carpool" in the US is a vehicle with more than one person. Carpools get certain privileges, which is the government's way to encourage fewer cars with more people. There are carpool lanes, carpool-only exits and carpool-only on-ramps. The way the on-ramp was drawn and tagged in OSM, there was no way for the app to know that the driver was not entitled to use it. Since there is no carpool tagging schema in OSM, I tagged the on-ramp as motor_vehicle=designated. Will skobbler respect this? If there was a better way to block this on-ramp from the routing, please let me know. Here is the bug: http://www.mapdust.com/detail/150556

03.03.2011, 12:51
Hi Ponzu,

Regarding your questions:

1. No, no iPad app.
2. No, not so far. Hopefully, we can provide that feature with the next update.

I forwarded your wishlist to our developers so that they can check on it and - if possible - implement your suggestions in the next update. The bug reporting procedure will definitely be something they will have a closer look at!

Best regards,