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02.03.2011, 20:15
Thanks for developing skobbler iPhone app and MapDust bug tracking system. They are very helpful to me as an OSM editor and maintainer of my area. After a few days of use, here is my wish list and some qiestions.

Questions about MapDust:

Are bug reports aimed only at OSM maintainer or at the app developers as well? If I see a bug in my area that I cannot resolve by improving the map, should I close it or leave it alone? Some examples: http://www.mapdust.com/detail/116109 http://www.mapdust.com/detail/118179

Wish list for MapDust:

1. Allow to mark bugs as OSM-related vs. skobbler app-related. Then allow to filter out one category or the other.

2. Eliminate captcha for trusted users (by IP or add authentication). It serves a useful purpose, but is very bothersome for someone who is serious about cleaning up bugs in his area.

3. When I do a search for an area and apply a filter, then go to a bug detail and fix/close/comment on the bug, I expect clicking "Back to map" to take me to my last map view and filter. While this happens occasionally, what happens usually is it takes me to the map of the world with filters cleared. This is very inconvenient. I use Google Chrome. I will test in other browsers and report if the behavior is the same. Overall, I think that every time I open MapDust web page, it should take me to the last map view I used.

Update: "Back to map" works as expected in FireFox.

03.03.2011, 13:18
Hi Ponzu,

You can also go to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/MapDust#See_also. If you scroll up, there's a section entitled "Wishlist" where you can insert your comments and wishes too so that they are seen (and implemented) even quicker.
Since MapDust is a platform created by us, our developers of course do check it regularely too and pay special attention to software-related bugs.

Best regards,

03.03.2011, 16:55
Thank you, Christin. I, of course, found the MapDust page on OSM wiki and added my suggestions to the Wishlist section (as well as the Talk section). Because there was no feedback, I thought that maybe there was a better way to get in touch with the developers. When I found this forum, I assumed this was it. But it sounds like the devs don't participate here and you serve as an intermediary between the user community and the devs. Hopefully, if and when they decide to implement a proper Q&A, bug tracker and wishlist site, like the one I suggested, it will make it easier and more efficient for them to communicate with their users.

Thanks for doing a great job!

03.03.2011, 20:13
As far as the non-OSM related bugs. There is no way, currently, for the developers to know which bugs are software related (and which ones are wishlist items, not bugs). That's why we, OSM editors, have asked for a new category that we can assign to a bug while reviewing new bugs in the area. That would allow to kill two birds with one stone: the MapDust bug map for an area will get cleaner, and the developers will immediately know which bugs to look at.

Since I have not heard of this feature being developed, and since I am actively working on clearing up bugs (OSM and non-OSM related) from my area, I propose a special thread in this forum, where I and other OSM editors can copy links to the bugs addressed at skobbler (either software bugs or feature requests). We could then close those bugs and make them disappear from MapDust and OSM maps. The developers will be free to reopen those bugs using the links if they decide that it is the proper thing to do.

13.08.2012, 20:56
Hi, I live in the Netherlands and may have to travel to the US. Is it possible to load US maps? Are there US maps?

16.08.2012, 10:33
Hi Opus,

If you have our GPS Navigation 2 installed, then you can purchase and install offline maps for the US. Did you mean that or something else?

Best regards