View Full Version : two suggestions for improvement

24.05.2010, 18:20
I am new to GPS navigation and just used Skobbler for the first time this weekend. It worked pretty well and got me to and from my destination with no problems. However, there are two improvements I would love to see:
1) pop up the destination address when you have arrived (I couldn't remember which house number I was looking for and it was cumbersome to get back to the 'my locations' screen to look it up)
2) in the voice directions, say all street names, not just the major ones. It would be nice to know which street name I am about to turn on to so that i know which road signs to look for.

Otherwise, thanks for a great free app!

27.05.2010, 13:43
1) You can access this from the '+' menu right now, but this is definitely a good point which we can consider in future versions
2.) This is a bit more complicated, because this is a feature called "text-to-speech" (TTS) and unfortunately the good TTS systems are quite expensive to license, therefore only the paid navigation systems have that for now

Keep up the good feedback, I am looking forward to hear more suggestions.