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  1. iOS SDK Offline Search problem (UA - Kiev)
  2. Android: How to initialise an address search using an SKAddressSearchSettings object?
  3. Android SDK : Route calculation with via points
  4. Android SDK: prebundling a country map
  5. POI tracker using the REAL GPS position instead of MATCHED road segment position
  6. Android SDK: use APK expansion file instead of SKMaps.zip
  7. Android: How to create a heatmap?
  8. Android: How to add a Polyline to the map
  9. iOS: How to create multiple Annotations
  10. How to hide the compass (instantly)
  11. Annotations with custom image not being displayed
  12. iOS: How to use Boundings
  13. iOS: Offline mode (2.1.0 version)
  14. Route calculation: ROUTE_INTERNAL_ERROR 690
  15. Android: way too many threads created when using ART
  16. iOS: Pin dissapears when moving Map
  17. iOS: Initialize while offline
  18. In your GPS Navigation app in iTunes you have 'Local Search'
  19. Getting crash on statement routeAdviceListWithDistanceFormat:
  20. How to highlight a soute while tapping anywhere on the route?
  21. [Android] Resolution for NullPointerException : onSurfaceCreated(SourceFile:487)
  22. SKMapview is not active when selecting a row in UISearchDisplay results tableview
  23. How to implement realReach in skmaps?
  24. Where to find SDKTools project?
  25. [2.2.0] Hidden mapSurfaceView on fragment
  26. iOS : couldn't get current position in iOS 8
  27. How to calculate the route online
  28. iOS : current location shows different location
  29. iOS : Is there any way to find distance travelled in skmaps?
  30. iOS: change turn by turn navigaton voice with individual recorded
  31. iOS : White images on map annotations
  32. create .log file for routing
  33. Simple Map error in iOS
  34. Android: Kartendarstellung mehrerer gespeicherter Routen
  35. Android: Target flag on starting position after route calculation
  36. Bundle Size is big
  37. iOS: generate random route from starting point
  38. Route rendering problems in iOS
  39. Android: libngnative crash on Android Lollipop (5)
  40. Wo kann man AdvisorVoice Pakete kaufen?
  41. Bring Default Annotation to front (Android)
  42. When a pin is clicked from over the map, can I edit how text shows in the balloon?
  43. App Crash when using Skobbler map - Android
  44. Tap on a pin in Portrait view; switch to Landscape - pin shows wrong place
  45. iOS: Simulation for turn by turn navigation with custom gpx files
  46. iOS: turn by turn navigation in combination with POITracking
  47. iOS: limitations for [detectedPOIs enumerateObjectsUsingBlock...] and startPOITrackin
  48. ios : how to search a location using house number, street name and city in ios8?
  49. After destination is reached the navigate icon is still visible
  50. Maps download and meta files
  51. reconstruct "free drive" view / "freies Fahren" Ansicht nachbilden
  52. iOS: area around user?
  53. setRouteFromGPXFile missing in Android sdk 2.3.0
  54. iOS: custom turn by turn navigation
  55. Why the Map starts in Berlin?
  56. Why RouteCompleteCallback called two times?
  57. renderMapImageInBoundingBox doesn't do anything on iOS
  58. Routes with multiple waypoints. Multiple routes. Map Legend.
  59. "No such module SKMaps" (2.4 beta in Swift project in Xcode 6.1.1)
  60. iOS: which routing algorithm is used in Skobbler
  61. Scout like search
  62. iOS: search for foursquare POI
  63. Custom route mode
  64. estimatedTime incorrect for route calculated with startRouteFromGPXFile
  65. Traffic information
  66. Detected POI on route SKTrackablePOIRule
  67. Android: onMapRegionChangeStarted(SKCoordinateRegion arg0) is not called
  68. Android: Unexpected change of polyline width
  69. Android:onSingleTap callback not triggered when tap happens on a map object
  70. Click on alternative route to select it
  71. Speed limits on Android
  72. Do useSlopes and routeCorridorWidth impact routeCalculation?
  73. .plist Location Keys
  74. Get notified when map has been loaded?
  75. Swift demo - builds ok, but fails to archive - FIXED
  76. Android: onCurrentPositionUpdate is calling although the position not changed
  77. Map is crashed in Android Demo 2.4
  78. Regarding SKCalloutViews and SKCircles
  79. Android: Offline/Prebundled maps are not working in 2.4
  80. What are the Map Sessions limitations for the free plan offered by Skobbler (Telenav)
  81. Creating custom voice packages
  82. Any way to access SKRouteState?
  83. Android: Map is not showing streets etc.
  84. Multi-Point navigation (Arc Routing) - Via Points vs. calculateRouteWithPoints
  85. Android: SKCircle - Single Tap - Crash
  86. Android: SKCircle - wrong radius
  87. Best settings for showing map on small 3.4 in WQVGA 240x432 Display
  88. Can i download a special region of the map, not only listed countries/cities?
  89. Lack of street data from SKMultiStepSearch in offline search?
  90. Get/Style route path
  91. Any way to style the text colours on the badges?
  92. Lane Position
  93. [Android] Current Position (blue dot) is jumping very often
  94. Avoid U-Turns/Trucks
  95. Ios with skobbler sdk is possible to add a cities by his bounding box?
  96. Android : unable to set multiple maps
  97. Map session paused on SKMapSurfaceView pause?
  98. [Android] Mapview fragment transaction
  99. [Android] SKRouteManager calculateRoute NullPointerException
  100. Android: onAnnotationSelected when driving in MODE_3D
  101. iOS Swift: SKMapsSwiftDemo codesign error
  102. Long/Lat search offline?
  103. [iOS] Annotation moves when zooming in
  104. [Android] Reverse geocoding
  105. [Android] setFallbackLanguage(SKMaps.SKLanguage.LANGUAGE_TR) does not work
  106. [Android] Avoid Ferries not working
  107. Destination side
  108. [Android] Multiple Map Instances
  109. Simulation Mode - Get Fake Current Position
  110. Android App Crashes: SKMapViewHolder$2.onClick(SourceFile:364)
  111. SKMap route drawing issue
  112. Offline Address Search Sill Incomplete
  113. Android SDK - Memory usage and screen orientation
  114. [Android] Exception thrown if double tap before map loads
  115. [Android] "WifiLock under-locked my_lock" error.
  116. [Android] Simulating rerouting
  117. Understanding CONNECTIVITY_MODE_OFFLINE time to set
  118. [Android] Crash after Update to SDK 2.5
  119. Problems for Brazil
  120. [Android] The position of the blue circle arrow in navigation mod is not correct
  121. [Android] While driving in Navigation mode the map and the route is not displayed
  122. [Android] possible to get landuse-key of OSM
  123. Update from 2.4 to 2.5
  124. iOS - iPhone 4S / iOS 7 - Crash related to SKMaps memory usage
  125. AnnotationView deprecation of Width/Height in 2.5
  126. Having a problem getting Free drive to work
  127. Display entire route with annotations.
  128. Current Location Lat and Lng
  129. [Android] Can't get navigation informations
  130. Crash when using offline geocoding on IOS 8.4 Swift
  131. [Android] Matching road util out of SKMapSurfaceView
  132. Free requests
  133. StreetList and HouseNumber empty on research
  134. Open in...
  135. Automatic or Manual Zooming Not Working During *3D* Navigation Mode
  136. SKCalloutView positioning not synchronised with map
  137. Preinstalled maps not working for SDK 2.4
  138. Android Skobbler + GCM, Error
  139. SKMaps was not initialized after initialize
  140. saveRouteToCache returns false instead of true when save succeeds (Android)
  141. [iOS] Swift 2.0 SKMaps mapView.clearAllOverlays() not working.
  142. [Android] Can't handle the SKRouteListener v2.5
  143. [iOS] Automatic zooming to fit RealReach display
  144. ITMS-90209 Invalid Segment Alignment and ITMS-90125 (LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO)
  145. [SKMaps 2.5.1] SKMaps Demo is Broken ("Map JSON & download")
  146. [Android] SKMapSurfaceView.fitBoundingBox apparently ignores the padding parameters
  147. onReRoutingStarted -> onRouteCalculationFailed with ROUTE_CANNOT_BE_CALCULATED(683)
  148. [Android] Any way to check if the mapview black background?
  149. Turn on "Features" option for debuging on AndroidDemo project (2.5.1)
  150. [iOS & Android] Language files for 3.0.X and 2.5.X
  151. [iOS] SKTools SKTDownloadManager not saving Maps Correctly
  152. SKM file for a custom region
  153. SKMapsAndroid 2.5.1: updateAnnotation ignores location update when using annotationVi
  154. Routing between 2 annotations moves 1st annotation to location of 2nd Annotation
  155. [Android] SIGSEGV error in calculateRouteWithPoints()
  156. Rerouting while navigating a Route with ViaPoints
  157. Annotation Combining
  158. [Android] Compass Position in 2.5.1
  159. Adding Skobbler to a swoft framework (instead of an app)
  160. [IOS] beginner confused about the guide
  161. iOS. Big memory usage after adding many annotations
  162. Android - Skobbler doesn't support 64 bits processor
  163. How to animate SKAnnotationView
  164. [iOS] SKViaPoint crashes - FIXED
  165. Out of memory crash with large preinstalled map
  166. SKNearbySearchSettings doesn't filter results when passing categories + keyword
  167. [iOS SDK] Background routing
  168. SKBoundingBox and fitBounds do not produce visible region (iOS, Swift)
  169. iOS Device/XCode Location Simulation
  170. Why is their a border around my annotation?
  171. SKViaPoints.h is missing in SKMaps.h (Cocoa Pod)
  172. (iOS) Need help : Annotation + Polyline
  173. Crash- pointer being freed was not allocated. Easily reproduce in virtually empty app
  174. 3D Buildings on Skobbler?
  175. [Android] SKNavigationType.REAL - reportNewGPSPosition
  176. [Android] SKPolyline and other Objects
  177. Alternative approach to choose offline packages for download
  178. Help with offline bundle maps
  179. SKMaps wrong heading
  180. Changing Visual Advice icons
  181. [iOS] How can I "fitBounds" with animation
  182. Enable bitcode for iOS
  183. Crash when initializing map, Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) with Android SDK
  184. [iOS SDK] Possible to get information about pedestrian crossings?
  185. Gestures in SKAnnotationView - iOS
  186. Next release ?
  187. [Android] Show buildings and their numbers in free drive
  188. SKMaps blocking the Main Thread
  189. Externally preinstalled maps
  190. [Android] Class not found SKViaPoint when starting application v2.4.0
  191. Compass positioning. Android.
  192. [Android] SKNavigationManager.decreaseSimulationSpeed() odd behaviour?
  193. Map shakes when callout view is visible (Android SDK 2.5.1)
  194. SKMaps SIGSEGV - Android 4.0.3
  195. Map Version very old & incorrect ?
  196. [Android] Fixing "No such method. getlatitude"
  197. Draw SKPolyline below all SKAnnotation
  198. [iOS] Map show street name in local language
  199. Rotation of the map view based on direction traveling
  200. routingServiceDidReachDestination called too early
  201. Emulator running problem
  202. Skobbler navigation updates with Google Fused location provider?
  203. Android app not responding and is stuck with blank screen when switching activity.
  204. Help changing the navigation arrow icon on the map during driving.
  205. onDestinationReached” has not occured in SKNavigationListener
  206. How to customise route appearance iOS
  207. SDKTools
  208. Dynamically drawing route
  209. reverseGeocodeLocation fails if I the navigation bar is not translucent
  210. Snapshot of the mapview
  211. Audio advice instruction for a Custom POI
  212. Map Updates
  213. Delete Offline Packages not Working [Android, 2.5.1]
  214. [iOS]SKCalloutView customising
  215. [iOS]Very strange behaviour of SKCalloutView
  216. Map Overlays
  217. Help with placing Annotations on the route after navigation has started
  218. Fix for "iOS 9.2 crashes" - the log pointing to the GLStateMachine
  219. [iOS]Is it possible to load to maps on the same screen?
  220. [iOS] ISSUE [[SKGPSFilesService new] locationsForElement:element]
  221. TXG files missing for some Maps & ambiguous documentation/how-to
  222. [iOS] Black squares appearing after updating an SKAnnotation
  223. MultiStepSearch can't find the only state (U.S.) I have downloaded.
  224. iOS: generate random route from starting point!!
  225. [Android] Hotfix for compiling for ApiLevel 23
  226. 3D map bug while starting navigation on Epson Moverio API 15
  227. Add satellite images? How and from where?
  228. [iOS] didSelectAnnotation while in Mode3D?
  229. skmaps in mobile is slow
  230. change in zoomLevelConfigurations only take effect after significant speed change
  231. reverseGeocodeLocation crashes
  232. Latest 2.5.1 builds
  233. Documentation for advice_type_street_type?
  234. [Android] Offline Geocoding issue
  235. Z order of annotations
  236. iOS cocoa pod install 2.5.1 bug
  237. [iOS] How can I detect if all routes are calculated in SKTNavigationManagerDelegate
  238. pointForCoordinate incorrect when map in 3D mode
  239. [iOS] No such module 'SKMaps'
  240. How to monitor session usage?
  241. Relation between routeConnectionMode and connectivityMode?
  242. [Android] Bug with AlternativeRoutes and SKRouteRestrictions
  243. [Android] Google Play Developer libpng warning
  244. Prevent Recalculation during navigation? Is it possible?
  245. [Android] Routing with viaPoints - onDestinationReached() never invoked
  246. [Android] onDestinationReached invoked too early.
  247. [Android] Bug with SKPositionerManager.getInstance().getCurrentGPSPos ition(false)
  248. Issues updating from 2.5 to 3.0 beta
  249. iOS: Location permission on SKMapView creation
  250. Need Help with SKTNavigationManager!