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  1. iPhone skobbler has been released in the UK and Ireland
  2. Bulk uploading of Addresses to my Addresses
  3. iphone issues
  4. Web app automatically searches for UK addresses
  5. POIs Available?
  6. Address not in database...
  7. skobbler is live in the US!
  8. Landscape viewing?
  9. Is Skobbler compatible with the Magellan Car Kit?
  10. iPhone App is very dangerous
  11. two suggestions for improvement
  12. how to / new feature? -- how to see list view or full route
  13. Problems with Skrobler and jailbroken apps
  14. Suggestion: Option to view map without specifying route?
  15. Great Job! A few suggestions...
  16. Can not set home address
  17. True Text to Speech (TTS)
  18. iPhone iOS 4 (new name for the OS
  19. Skobbler not working with TomTom car kit
  20. some suggestions to improve the app
  21. some suggestions to improve the app
  22. Some Suggestions
  23. Iphone, No sound when connected incar
  24. 07957 prefix missing from sign up list
  25. Open skobbler from within another iPhone app
  26. iPhone problem in the UK and logging bugs
  27. Skobbler - unable to sign in on iPhone
  28. Typo in registration, and logging of bugs?
  29. Off Line Maps
  30. Informing you of bugs
  31. Website keeps going back to German
  32. UK Postcodes do not work
  33. My manually placed pin keeps moving
  34. App Crashing (IOS 4 issue?)
  35. Tag from iPad...
  36. Landscape PLLEEEAAAAASE
  37. Have you looked at the features of Waze - some excellent ideas there
  38. Just Bought It, Can't Use It!
  39. Free/Paid Version
  40. Map questions and updating issues
  41. US from UK
  42. Skobbler updating from OpenStreetMap
  43. Impressed
  44. Cant find any addresses....
  45. Classifying bugs
  46. Great product - But address always shows behind the house or business
  47. iOS4 "fast app switching"?
  48. Suggestion - Diversion buttons
  49. Irish coverage
  50. ROUTE FROM FLORIDA I-75 up through to Nashville, TN All Highway...
  51. Skobbler with multi-tasked apps
  52. ipod options
  53. New User on Andriod Orange UK
  54. Routing suggestion
  55. Reporting Non-Mapping Bugs?
  56. Error message: Location Not Available
  57. Download maps ahead of time?
  58. Suggestion - Version forSatNav Systems... Please!
  59. Registration phone number
  60. Turn by turn nav plus voice?
  61. Routing at roundabouts / traffic circles
  62. How do I delete a saved location address? (and report a bug)
  63. First download of sounds doesn't finish
  64. routing issue, and a suggestion or two
  65. Crashing
  66. Download maps of current route whilst signal is available?
  67. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
  68. Retina Display Maps?
  69. skobber cannot register
  70. Access to Skobbler bug reports?
  71. No route - Route cannot be calculated
  72. Support for Palm WebOS platform
  73. Skobbler SATNAV Questions
  74. symbols
  75. Suitable for cyclists?
  76. What "Type" of Bug to choose?
  77. Access
  78. Delete from Addresses
  79. Local Search
  80. Bugs
  81. mistake I made when registering.
  82. Error: Service currently unavailable. Please try again later.???
  83. Google Android Market
  84. Skobbler Upgrade?
  85. Speed Limit in MPH?
  86. Live view?
  87. Truck Routes
  88. Incorrect "now bear right" advice
  89. ITunes OR the Voice!
  90. Russian AppStore
  91. Search
  92. Required parameter missing when loading address from Contacts
  93. Problem after re-installing Skobbler
  94. route overview
  95. Future Feature - Salted Roads?
  96. European Skobbler application in US APP store?
  97. not find any address
  98. Future Product Features
  99. Adding sign post and speed limit information
  100. Skobbler navigation & forever maps
  101. Feature Request: Cross or don't cross international borders
  102. Navigation with iPhone
  103. No speedcamera's!
  104. Skobbler Lite vs Skobbler - My Locations
  105. Skobbler (US) error mapping contact on iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1)
  106. US Address - house number not found
  107. Navigation app questions and wishlist
  108. Navigation routes through gates?
  109. Voice prompt for a freeway on-ramp
  110. Incorrect voice prompt "Now take the exit left" when going straight.
  111. Bug tracker + wishlist + Q&A site for skobbler?
  112. "Skobbler does not display information about an existing speed limit". Does it ever?
  113. How to refresh the maps in the nav app?
  114. Long names in the shields on motorway links
  115. Address search never completes
  116. Where are the dirt tracks?
  117. Three Questions
  118. Help - Changing home and adding addresses
  119. Avoid Motorway option
  120. Multi Point Routing?
  121. Landscape viewing? Does it exist?
  122. Keep crashing when start app
  123. Are Navigation maps available offline?
  124. How can I delete addresses from my Favourites?
  125. Service Currently Unavaliable Please try Again Later
  126. Adding POI's to SatNav 2 on iPhone
  127. US Maps on a UK iPhone
  128. Address search offline not possible
  129. choice between GPS 2 and ForeverMap
  130. PR navigation
  131. Strange problem with a railway level crossing.
  132. No Skobbler in Israeli App Store
  133. International Journey
  134. Map inconsistencies between OSM and GPS Nav 2??
  135. Navigation 2 functionality question
  136. Setting up home and other locations
  137. Run time error
  138. crashing constantly
  139. no voice directions
  140. Alternate Route
  141. Automatically use offline maps?
  142. Activating Localization
  143. What does the Navigation -> Settings -> Turning Map [ON|OFF] do?
  144. Arrow Does Not Follow Me As I Drive
  145. Can't buy maps
  146. US map not available
  147. ANY Options to Avoid Toll Roads? ALSO Questions regarding $9.99 ALL Maps
  148. User Guide?
  149. Voice Prompts Suggestion
  150. GPS Nav 2 purchased map not found in installation status
  151. Direction List
  152. Truck Driver With Questions
  153. Support for external Bluetooth GPS Receiver on iPad2?
  154. Getting a route to France whilst in England - Route API code: 683
  155. 3G Search Error
  156. Sat nav 2 won't Load iphone 3gs
  157. Wrong Direction Not Resolved
  158. purchased maps are not found
  159. Help - It does not work on iPod Touch
  160. Import of my own POI's to GPS NAV 2
  161. Editing Addresses
  162. post code - how ?
  163. Direction Indicator
  164. Repeated download of voice files...
  165. post code search
  166. iPad 1 wi-fi and a Bad Elf gps unit
  167. Downloadable Maps detail?
  168. Maps are old. Recent updates not visible
  169. "Europe Maps" Can I customize it?
  170. How can I reduce the world maps file size?
  171. GPS Navigation vs Forevermaps
  172. how to exit/quit the skobbler app correctly?
  173. Not possible to add current position to favourites
  174. Renaming favorites not possible
  175. Deleting single favorite not possible
  176. How to download Voice files?
  177. Thinks i'm in a different country
  178. only loads 50% of destination when press "Take me there" and then returns to address
  179. change language
  180. SatNav 2 - favorites and location management
  181. Cant see map
  182. Dutch Lanquage
  183. Is the United States in North America?
  184. Cannot enter post code
  185. GPS nav 2 crashes iPhone: any solutions?
  186. Country map purchase error - Payment restriction - Payment was not completed.
  187. Addresses from My Addressess sync'ing with Nav 2 app
  188. can't access bought maps
  189. Support for Bluetooth Headset?
  190. UK Contacts - No Results
  191. Manage favorites not possible
  192. Bug reporting, OSM names and numbers
  193. Central America Maps
  194. Reinstall maps bug - annoying
  195. GPS Nav 2 "All Maps" in app purchase always present?
  196. Skobbler not working
  197. In-App purchase problem
  198. Designating a start point other than current position
  199. City and street names in Hungary are partly in German instead of original hungarian n
  200. crashes continuously
  201. Starting OK, but not realising I am moving - i.e. not navigating!
  202. Hybrid (automatic switch) how does it work
  203. Skobbler keeps losing the maps!
  204. How do I search for a location in another city
  205. Voice Prompts Another Suggestion
  206. Speed Camera's - SatNav 2
  207. To turn the iPhone on the side does not change where I look on the map
  208. 85/105
  209. SATNAV2 wont navigate for me
  210. Navigation won't work on iPad 1
  211. Cannot download maps of US
  212. Question Regarding Favorites
  213. Can I navigate from my house in the UK to, say, Nice in France in one route?
  214. Can anything be done to increase number of street names on screen?
  215. Speaker Phone on iPhone
  216. Will Not Update Position
  217. One-way roads not drawn in on the map [Denmark]
  218. Cannot get any entry into My Locations
  219. How to view entire route?
  220. Streetnames missing in GPS Nav 2
  221. Skobbler lite crashing immediately on iPhone 4 s
  222. how i know there is GPS fix
  223. housenumber
  224. Voices and switching between Iphone music and car DAB
  225. Iphone and Ipod together in car
  226. Absolutely terrible since the update
  227. Ipod touch g4 - no gps
  228. realistic data usage in hybrid mode
  229. Route time and distance
  230. Map upgrades for UAE or Qatar
  231. Going to Travel in Spain but want GPS commands in English...
  232. Map upgrades for UAE or Qatar
  233. Stuck on Map Updates Available page
  234. How do I get the SatNav to avoid certain roads? For example certain Motorways?
  235. Co-pilot improvement
  236. Is there a User's Guide?
  237. Availability of lastest version on US iTunes store?
  238. Managing Forever Maps - need to free up space...
  239. UK postcodes don't work offline!
  240. Look of the maps
  241. question about the world map
  242. Apple 4s can't get GPS
  243. Very Unstable app
  244. Bad Elf on an Ipad2
  245. Missing Graphics on New Version iPhone4
  246. Distinguish between 2 cities with the same is not impossible
  247. Uninstalling maps / freeing storage space
  248. Satnav2 does not work with roqybt4 when no native GPS
  249. using Skobbler GPS Nav2 on iPOD Touch 4G
  250. Unable to cancel download / installation - I'm stuck forever