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  1. Not working
  2. initial startup of GPS Nav2 (paid) fails - HTTP error
  3. New user problems
  4. SatNav2 doesn't use motorways?
  5. Routing, Speed limits and estimated time
  6. How do we know that the maps have been updated
  7. Navigation 2 crashes when trying to access coordinates
  8. GPS2 on 3gs.....not working! HELP!!
  9. which countries are in the packages, looking for Israel
  10. Only streets A-F!
  11. Does the Spain country map include IBIZA and Balearic islands?
  12. app crush afther start
  13. iPhone 3 map working, upgrade to iPhone 5 now not working
  14. When using offline maps, the address search is different.. And baaad!!
  15. Sat Nav Crashed when inputting Co-Ordinates
  16. Login problems
  17. Navigating fully offline
  18. iOS6, Apple 5 No online connection found
  19. Problems Installing GPS Nav 2 onto my iPad.
  20. Error message:- Purchase failed, Please try again
  21. Coordintes crashing the system.
  22. Language issues -- bug + feature request
  23. Navigating off line
  24. How to change Advisor Voice?
  25. Instruction Manual
  26. Interesting features which would be great to have
  27. Map for Thailand
  28. Sound when iPhone connected via Bluetooth
  29. Points of interest beyond 20km?
  30. Hungary and Croatia?
  31. Add Favorites by Coordinates
  32. Alternate routes - SatNav 2 iPhone?
  33. Canary Islands?
  34. cyprus
  35. my navigation2 is crashing
  36. Construction of the route
  37. Program Crash!!!
  38. -
  39. Map update frequency
  40. no offline navigation because no house number?!
  41. Avoid toll roads
  42. offline address search does not work
  43. error in KITT voice
  44. We are looking for BETA testers!
  45. iOS data size
  46. Beta Testing
  47. Favorites sync
  48. Can't restore previous purchases from iTunes - doesn't recognise I purchased all maps
  49. No voice on new update
  50. Maps can't be downloaded
  51. Skobbler Maps Older Than OSM.com
  52. How to use contacts address details?
  53. English Funny Voices purchasable?
  54. No maps can be listed
  55. search engine gives strange results
  56. Unable to use map for Panama
  57. Problems using navigation for cycling
  58. No roads visible on iPhone 5s
  59. Cancel a mistaken bug report?
  60. Missing offline maps after restoring iPhone from iTunes backup
  61. Speedcams database
  62. Separate Audio from Turn by Turn and iPod music
  63. Application is only getting crashed for some routes and getting stuck in thread
  64. No traffic update for iOS nav app in the Nethetlands
  65. Indiana state roads display as Interstates
  66. Incorrect address
  67. Can`t run swift project on iPhone
  68. Zoom out during navigation
  69. Audio suppression with Spotify
  70. Recent & Favorites lists go to black when option button is tapped.
  71. Custom GPX is not drawn with SDK 2.4
  72. Update - Problems - Reinstall - Problems solved. - New Problem - but minor
  73. GPS Coordinates from dropped pin
  74. Voice file fails to load & purchased voice files not restored after iPhone restore
  75. Navigation return to 3D missing.
  76. Can't redeem paid map?
  77. Canada - missing area
  78. Poor Performance when adding annotations
  79. Question about offline maps and location via wifi points
  80. Missing States
  81. Can't download UK Map
  82. http://maps.skobbler.com - MY Routes NOT in APP ??
  83. Navigation with route with multiple points
  84. Need Help with SKTNavigationManager!
  85. Difference between SKRoutingService(...customLocations) and SKViaPoint?